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475 Technology Journalists from Top Tech Outlets

This expertly curated list includes 475 technology journalists from leading tech magazines and blogs, featuring verified email addresses, detailed profiles, and comprehensive contact information for your PR needs.

  • Last updated on June 9, 2024

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Explore top Technology journalists for 2024

Curated by Arsh B
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Our list of top technology journalists for 2024 is designed to connect you with the foremost experts in tech reporting. Curated by our PR professionals, these journalists were chosen for their comprehensive coverage, the wide readership of their work, and the prestige of their tech publications. Updated journalist profiles ensure your pitches are informed and strategically aligned with current technological advancements and trends.

Adam Turner

The Sydney Morning Herald

Adam Turner is an award-winning Australian technology journalist with a passion for gadgets.

Alexandra Cain

The Sydney Morning Herald

Alexandra writes as a Tech journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald. Alexandra reports from Australia. Find more about Alexandra below!

Asher Schapiro Avi

The Globe and Mail

Asher Schapiro writes as a Tech journalist for The Globe and Mail. Asher Schapiro reports from Canada. Find more about Asher Schapiro below!

Ashleigh Macro

Tech Advisor

Ashleigh is Ecommerce Editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. She keeps readers up to date with the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials. She particularly enjoys spreading the gossip about upcoming Apple products and pondering over leaked parts. When she isn’t busy typing about tech, Ashleigh can be found with her head buried in a novel.

Billie Eder

The Age

Billie Eder covers many topics as a journalist at The Age, mainly Tech, and is based in Australia.

Brian Deagon

Investor's Business Daily

Highly skilled reporter and researcher with a strong emphasis on business and technology. Fluent in digital media.

Cameron French

The Globe and Mail

Cameron French is a reporter mainly covering FinTech. Cameron occasionally covers related topics too. Cameron is based in Canada, working at The Globe and Mail. Know more about Cameron below!

Caroline Haskins


Signal: +1 785-813-1084 she/her

Cat Ellis


Downloads editor for @TechRadar, writer for @windowsmag and @maximumpc. Consumer software and security, with a dash of design.

Claude Guay

The Globe and Mail

Claude writes as a Tech journalist for The Globe and Mail. Claude reports from Canada. Find more about Claude below!

Danielle Abril

Fortune Magazine

I track everything from emerging tech trends to Big Tech legislation, culture issues, and privacy concerns, focused mostly on companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber. For 10 years, I told the stories of Dallas-Fort Worth communities, government, education, and businesses for three of the regions most prominent publications. Beyond my love for writing and editing, I have a passion for Latin dancing and queso.


The Drum

I'm a journalist for The Drum, a global media and marketing magazine. Across both digital and print editions, I write news, features and analysis for the Awards, Events and Studios teams on brands, agencies, tech and more from the advertising and media world

Danny Palmer


Danny writes as a senior reporter for Zdnet. Danny reports from Find more about Danny Palmer below!

Devindra Hardawar


I'm a technology journalist aiming to explain the latest products and trends for audiences of all types -- from neophytes to experts. Currently, I'm focused on reviews, analysis, and New York City's burgeoning tech scene. Aside from writing about tech, I've also spent eight years working in desktop computing support, which helped me realize the importance of breaking complex tech topics down for everyone. To quote Tron: 'I fight for the users.'I'm also a part-time film critic and co-host on one of the longest running movie podcasts online, the /Filmcast. When I'm not diving into the latest gadgets, I'm probably at the movies or bingewatching something on Netflix.

Glen Hodgson

The Globe and Mail

Glen Hodgson covers many topics as a journalist at The Globe and Mail, mainly Tech, and is based in Canada.

Inam Tazeen

The Globe and Mail

Inam Tazeen covers many topics as a journalist at The Globe and Mail, mainly Tech, and is based in Canada.

Johna Baylon

The Globe and Mail

Johna writes as a Tech journalist for The Globe and Mail. Johna reports from Canada. Find more about Johna below!

Justin Ling

The Globe and Mail

Justin Ling is a reporter mainly covering Tech. Justin occasionally covers related topics too. Justin is based in Canada, working at The Globe and Mail. Know more about Justin below!

Kashmir Hill


I'm a reporter at The New York Times, where I cover privacy and technology. I write about the looming tech dystopia and how we can (hopefully) avoid it. I've previously worked for Gizmodo Media Group, Forbes Magazine, and Above The Law, and was the editor of Fusion's technology vertical Real Future.You can reach me at

Katie Notopoulos


Katrine Marçal

The Globe and Mail

Katrine Marçal is a reporter mainly covering Tech. Katrine occasionally covers related topics too. Katrine is based in Canada, working at The Globe and Mail. Know more about Katrine below!

Liza Lin

The Wall Street Journal

Liza writes as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Liza reports from Find more about Liza Lin below!

Lori Hawkins

Austin American-Statesman

Business reporter at the Austin American-Statesman

Marie Brewis

Tech Advisor

Marie is Group Editor of Tech Advisor and Macworld UK, managing and leading the consumer editorial team. When she's not devising content strategy and analysing data she is a regular contributor of reviews, tips and tricks. Her speciality is Android, and what she doesn't know about phones and tablets isn't worth knowing.

Marieke Walsh

The Globe and Mail

Marieke Walsh covers many topics as a journalist at The Globe and Mail, mainly Tech, and is based in Canada.

Martyn Landi


Technology Correspondent at PA Media

Matt Hanson


Matt (Twitter) is TechRadar's Senior Computing editor. Having written for a number of magazines and websites, there's no aspect of technology that Matt isn't passionate about, especially computing and PC gaming. If you're encountering a problem or need some advice with your PC or Mac, drop him a line on Twitter.

Matthew Weinberger

Business Insider

Matthew writes as a deputy editor for Business Insider. Matthew reports from Find more about Matthew Weinberger below!

Melia Russell

Business Insider

Melia (pronounced muh-LEE-uh) Russell is a startups and venture capital reporter at Business Insider, based in New York. She reports on tech investments, personnel changes, and workplace issues.Melia started as an intern at Business Insider in 2013. After five years at the site, she joined the business desk at the San Francisco Chronicle and covered the region's talent wars and work immigration. She returned to Business Insider in 2019.Melia has degrees from Syracuse University in magazine journalism and information management and technology.

Michelle Bateman

The Sydney Morning Herald

Michelle Bateman is a reporter mainly covering Tech. Michelle occasionally covers related topics too. Michelle is based in Australia, working at The Sydney Morning Herald. Know more about Michelle below!

Best Practices for Contacting Technology journalists

In the ever-evolving world of technology, staying ahead means being timely and insightful. We’ve gathered knowledge from hundreds of tech press releases to guide you. Learn when to engage tech journalists to highlight your breakthroughs, how to draft cutting-edge press releases, and the etiquette of pitching that positions your tech campaign at the forefront of innovation.

When and how to contact Technology journalists

Contacting technology journalists requires a strategic and well-informed approach, considering the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the tech industry. Leveraging PressContact’s media list, which includes detailed profiles and contact information, can greatly enhance your outreach efforts. Here’s how:

  • Product Launches: Announce new products or services, highlighting their unique features and benefits for consumers.
  • Industry Trends: Share insights into emerging technology trends or developments, positioning your brand as a thought leader in the tech space.
  • Expert Opinions: Provide expert opinions or analysis on current tech topics, offering journalists valuable insights for their stories.
  • Company Updates: Share updates or developments within your company, showcasing your innovation and growth in the tech sector.
  • Case Studies: Present case studies or success stories that demonstrate the real-world impact of your technology solutions.
  • Event Invitations: Invite technology journalists to product launches, industry events, or tech demos, giving them firsthand experience of your offerings.

Using our comprehensive and affordable media list ensures that your technology-related news reaches the right journalists at the right time, maximizing your chances of coverage.

Writing press releases for Technology coverage

Writing press releases for technology topics requires a detailed and informative approach. Here’s how to craft compelling technology press releases:

  • Technical Details: Provide detailed technical information about your products or services, catering to the tech-savvy audience of technology journalists.
  • User Benefits: Highlight the benefits of your technology solutions for end-users, focusing on how they improve their lives or work.
  • Industry Impact: Discuss the broader industry impact of your technology news, showing its relevance and significance in the tech sector.
  • Visual Elements: Include visuals such as product images, infographics, or diagrams to illustrate your technology news and make it more engaging.
  • Future Roadmap: Share your company's future roadmap or vision for technology innovation, giving journalists a glimpse into your future plans.
  • Customer Testimonials: Include testimonials from satisfied customers or clients, adding credibility to your technology news.

These elements will help your technology press release stand out and attract the attention of technology journalists looking for informative and impactful content.

Pitching Etiquette to Technology journalists

Pitching to technology journalists requires a thorough understanding of the tech industry and a thoughtful approach to your pitches. Here are some tips from my experience:

  • Stay Updated: Keep up-to-date with the latest tech trends and news, ensuring your pitches are timely and relevant.
  • Provide Exclusive Content: Offer exclusive content or insights that are not available elsewhere, giving technology journalists a reason to cover your news.
  • Personalize Your Pitches: Tailor your pitches to match the interests and focus areas of technology journalists, showing that you understand their beat.
  • Highlight Innovation: Showcase the innovation and uniqueness of your technology solutions, emphasizing what sets them apart from competitors.
  • Respect Their Time: Keep your pitches concise and to the point, respecting the busy schedules of technology journalists.
  • Follow Up Professionally: Follow up on your pitches in a professional and courteous manner, providing any additional information or resources they may need.

Following these tips will help you build strong relationships with technology journalists and increase the likelihood of your pitches being successful.

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