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Devindra Hardawar

I'm a technology journalist aiming to explain the latest products and trends for audiences of all types -- from neophytes to experts. Currently, I'm focused on reviews, analysis, and New York City's burgeoning tech scene. Aside from writing about tech, I've also spent eight years working in desktop computing support, which helped me realize the importance of breaking complex tech topics down for everyone. To quote Tron: 'I fight for the users.'I'm also a part-time film critic and co-host on one of the longest running movie podcasts online, the /Filmcast. When I'm not diving into the latest gadgets, I'm probably at the movies or bingewatching something on Netflix.

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Engadget is an online media outlet that focuses on technology and consumer electronics news. It covers topics such as gadgets, gaming, internet, mobile phones, and more. Engadget is a great source for the latest news and reviews on the latest products and services. With a knowledgeable staff and an always-growing readership, Engadget offers a great way to stay informed on the emerging trends in the tech world.

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