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Climate Journalists - USAClimate Journalists - USAClimate Journalists - USAClimate Journalists - USA

Discover and contact the top Climate journalists in USA, updated for 2023. If you're interested in contacting Climate journalists, you can sign up below and download the Climate journalists contact list!

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Top Climate Journalists in USA (2023)

The Top Climate Journalists in USA in 2023 are:

Anton Rose

Anton Rose is an experienced courts journalist based in Australia. He is currently working for The Toowoomba Chronicle, a leading news publication that covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, and entertainment. Anton's work primarily focuses on the legal system, providing readers with in-depth coverage of court proceedings, trials, and other related events. His expertise in the field and attention to detail make him a valuable resource for those seeking press coverage in the courts category.

More About Anton Rose

Chris Pedler

Chris Pedler is an accomplished courts journalist based in Australia, who has made a significant impact in the field through his work for The Bendigo Advertiser. With a keen interest in the legal system and a dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive coverage of court proceedings, Chris has developed a reputation for delivering insightful and informative articles. His writing interests encompass a wide range of topics related to the courts, including criminal trials, civil disputes, and the impact of legal decisions on the community.

More About Chris Pedler

Daniel Bateman

Daniel Bateman is a Australian journalist who specializes in covering court proceedings and legal matters. Based in Cairns, Queensland, he is currently associated with The Cairns Post, a widely-read daily newspaper in the region. As one of the leading courts journalists in Australia, Bateman has developed a reputation for his in-depth reporting, accuracy, and ability to break down complex legal issues for a general audience.

More About Daniel Bateman

Mark Jesser

Mark Jesser is an experienced courts journalist based in Australia who has been contributing to The Border Mail, a news platform in the region. With a keen interest in covering legal proceedings and court cases, Mark has been successful in providing readers with in-depth analysis and insights into the Australian judiciary system. His writing style is engaging and informative, making it easy for readers to understand the complexities of legal matters.

More About Mark Jesser

Megan Gorrey

Megan Gorrey is an experienced courts journalist based in Australia. She is currently working for The Canberra Times, a well-established news outlet that has been serving the Australian Capital Territory since 1926. As a part of the publication's team, Megan has been instrumental in providing comprehensive coverage of legal proceedings, court cases, and other judiciary-related events. Her in-depth reporting and keen interest in the intricacies of the legal system have made her a go-to source for readers seeking accurate and timely information in the realm of courts and justice.

More About Megan Gorrey

Rebekah Cavanagh

Rebekah Cavanagh is a Australian journalist who has carved a niche for herself in the realm of court reporting. As a key member of The Herald Sun's team, Rebekah has established a reputation for her in-depth coverage and analysis of various court cases. With a keen interest in the intricacies of the legal system, she has become one of the go-to courts journalists for readers seeking accurate and comprehensive information on high-profile trials and legal proceedings.

More About Rebekah Cavanagh

Rourke Walsh

Rourke Walsh is an accomplished Australian journalist who specializes in covering court proceedings and legal matters. As a courts journalist, he has consistently provided insightful and accurate reporting on various cases and trials in the region. Rourke's work can be found in The West Australian, one of the country's leading news sources, where he has been instrumental in keeping the public informed on the latest developments in the legal sphere.

More About Rourke Walsh

Contacting Climate Journalists in USA

While PressContact's media list is valuable, it's essential to know how to make the most of it. Explore this section to learn how to craft and deliver the best pitch to Climate journalists in USA!

When and why to contact Climate journalists

When reaching out to Climate journalists in USA, a well-formulated strategy is key. With the high volume of pitches they receive, it's crucial to have a unique story that is focused on Climate or a related subject. Avoid getting mired in technical minutiae, and instead, expand your scope to include the larger implications of your story within the Climate industry. By studying your target journalists and crafting your pitch to align with their specific interests, you increase the likelihood of sparking their interest. Remember, your goal should be to present a story that not only informs but also contributes to the broader Climate discourse.

How to contact Climate Journalists

To establish contact with the most influential Gaming journalists in Canada, simply sign up and download the most up-to-date list of journalist contacts for 2023. This annual list is diligently updated, guaranteeing you receive the latest information at your fingertips.

How to write a Climate press release

Pitching Etiquette to Climate journalists

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