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Laura Sutcliffe

Laura Sutcliffe is a beauty journalist based in the United Kingdom who is currently working for Hello! Fashion Monthly, a popular fashion and beauty magazine. With a strong background in journalism, Laura has honed her skills in writing about the latest beauty trends, product launches, and expert advice. Her articles are a must-read for anyone interested in staying updated on the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics.



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More About Laura Sutcliffe

As one of the prominent beauty journalists in the industry, Laura Sutcliffe has developed a keen eye for identifying emerging trends and providing her readers with insightful commentary on various beauty topics. Her writing interests include skincare, makeup, haircare, and wellness, making her a versatile and knowledgeable resource for those looking to get press coverage in the beauty category. Laura's work at Hello! Fashion Monthly has allowed her to connect with a wide range of beauty enthusiasts, influencers, and experts, further enriching her understanding of the industry.In addition to her work at Hello! Fashion Monthly, Laura Sutcliffe has also contributed to other well-known publications, showcasing her expertise and passion for beauty journalism. Her dedication to providing accurate and engaging content has earned her a loyal following among readers who appreciate her in-depth analysis and fresh perspective on all things beauty. By collaborating with Laura, brands and individuals can expect to receive top-notch press coverage that highlights the latest and most relevant topics in the world of beauty.

Hello! Fashion Monthly

Hello! Fashion Monthly is a leading fashion and beauty magazine that offers its readers a unique blend of fashion, beauty, and celebrity news. Published by Hello! Ltd, the magazine is known for its high-quality content, stunning visuals, and exclusive interviews with celebrities and fashion insiders. With a strong presence in both print and digital media, Hello! Fashion Monthly has become a go-to source for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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