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Veronica Dagher

Veronica Dagher is a PersonalFinance journalist based in the USA, currently working for The Wall Street Journal. With a keen interest in personal finance topics, she regularly covers a wide range of subjects, including wealth management, financial planning, and investment strategies. Her insightful articles and expert analysis have made her a go-to source for readers seeking reliable and up-to-date information in the personal finance domain.



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More About Veronica Dagher

As a part of The Wall Street Journal's team, Veronica Dagher has contributed to the publication's success in providing comprehensive coverage on various aspects of personal finance. Her writing interests and specialities include retirement planning, tax strategies, and estate planning, making her an invaluable resource for individuals looking to make informed decisions about their financial future. Her work has not only helped educate readers on managing their finances but also provided guidance for those seeking press coverage in the category.In addition to her work at The Wall Street Journal, Veronica Dagher is also known for her involvement in various multimedia projects. She has appeared on television and radio programs, sharing her expertise and knowledge with a broader audience. Her commitment to delivering accurate and relevant information on personal finance matters has made her a respected figure among PersonalFinance journalists, and her work continues to impact the lives of countless individuals seeking financial guidance.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a leading financial newspaper that provides business and financial news for a global audience. It is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of markets and economics, as well as providing in-depth analysis of the latest business trends. The Wall Street Journal has a long history of providing reliable, trustworthy journalism and is the go-to source for many investors, executives and other professionals.

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