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Garri Bagdasarov

Garri Bagdasarov is a gaming journalist based in the United Kingdom, specializing in the coverage of PlayStation games and related news. As a writer for PlayStation Universe (PSU), he contributes to the gaming community by providing in-depth reviews, news, and features on various aspects of the gaming industry. With a keen interest in the latest gaming trends, Garri's work has become a valuable resource for gamers and industry professionals alike.



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More About Garri Bagdasarov

As a part of the PSU team, Garri Bagdasarov focuses on a wide range of topics within the gaming sphere, including game releases, updates, and developer interviews. His expertise lies in evaluating gameplay mechanics, graphics, and storytelling elements, offering insightful and informative content for his readers. Garri's passion for gaming journalism is evident in his engaging writing style, making him a popular choice for those seeking press coverage in the gaming category.In addition to his work at PlayStation Universe, Garri Bagdasarov is also active on social media platforms, where he shares his thoughts on current gaming events and interacts with fellow gamers. His dedication to staying updated on the latest gaming news and trends ensures that his content remains relevant and informative for his audience. For anyone looking to gain press coverage in the gaming industry, Garri Bagdasarov's expertise and influence in the field make him a valuable contact.

PlayStation Universe

PlayStation Universe (PSU) is a leading online destination for PlayStation enthusiasts, providing the latest news, reviews, features, and community-driven content related to Sony's gaming platforms. Established in 2006, PSU has grown to become a trusted source for PlayStation gaming coverage, offering in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews, and a passionate community of gamers.

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