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Carlisle Rogers

Carlisle Rogers is an experienced outdoors journalist based in Australia. With a passion for exploring the great outdoors and a keen interest in 4WD touring, Carlisle has been able to captivate readers with his engaging articles and stories. As a writer for 4WD Touring Australia, Carlisle has become a go-to source for those seeking information on off-road adventures, camping, and outdoor experiences in the land down under.



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Specializing in topics such as off-road vehicle reviews, camping gear, and travel destinations, Carlisle's work showcases his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. His writing interests also extend to wildlife conservation, sustainable tourism, and the preservation of Australia's unique landscapes. As an outdoors journalist, Carlisle's work is not only informative but also encourages readers to explore and appreciate the natural beauty that Australia has to offer.For anyone looking to get press coverage in the outdoors category, Carlisle Rogers is a valuable resource. His extensive experience and passion for the subject matter make him an ideal choice for those seeking to share their stories and products with a wider audience. With his captivating writing style and genuine love for the great outdoors, Carlisle continues to inspire and inform readers through his work at 4WD Touring Australia.

4WD Touring Australia

4WD Touring Australia is an adventure travel media company that specializes in creating content and experiences for four-wheel drive enthusiasts. Through its various platforms, including a magazine, television show, and online presence, the company aims to inspire, inform, and entertain its audience with engaging stories, stunning photography, and expert advice on exploring Australia's most remote and beautiful destinations.

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