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Lorraine Candy

Lorraine Candy is a lifestyle journalist based in the UK, who has established a strong presence in the field of fashion, beauty, and wellness. With her vast experience and expertise, she has been able to provide readers with insightful and engaging content through her work at The Sunday Times Style. As one of the leading lifestyle journalists in the country, Lorraine's writing encompasses a wide range of topics that cater to the interests of her diverse audience.



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More About Lorraine Candy

In her role at The Sunday Times Style, Lorraine Candy has been instrumental in shaping the publication's content and direction, focusing on the latest trends and happenings in the world of lifestyle. Her writing interests include fashion, beauty, health, wellness, parenting, and relationships, making her a versatile and knowledgeable source for readers seeking information and inspiration in these areas. Lorraine's ability to connect with her readers and provide them with relevant and informative content has made her a sought-after lifestyle journalist in the UK.For those looking to get press coverage in the lifestyle category, Lorraine Candy's work at The Sunday Times Style offers a valuable platform to reach a wide audience. Her keen understanding of the industry, coupled with her ability to craft compelling stories, makes her an ideal journalist to collaborate with. By working with Lorraine, brands and individuals can benefit from her expertise and the credibility that comes with being featured in a renowned publication like The Sunday Times Style.

The Sunday Times Style

The Sunday Times Style is a weekly fashion and beauty magazine published as part of The Sunday Times newspaper in the United Kingdom. The publication offers a mix of fashion, beauty, celebrity, and lifestyle content, catering to a wide range of readers interested in the latest trends and style advice.

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