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Lachlan Colquhoun

Lachlan Colquhoun is a distinguished Australian journalist who has been covering the innovation sector for several years. Based in Australia, he is currently associated with The Australian Business Executive (ABE), a leading business publication that offers in-depth analysis and insights into the nation's corporate landscape. As one of the innovation journalists in the region, Colquhoun has developed a keen understanding of the latest trends and developments in the world of technology, startups, and emerging industries.



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With a strong focus on innovation, Lachlan Colquhoun has written extensively on a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, fintech, renewable energy, and digital transformation. His work has not only helped to inform and educate readers about the latest advancements in these fields but has also contributed to shaping the discourse around innovation in Australia. Colquhoun's expertise lies in his ability to provide comprehensive and well-researched articles that offer valuable insights to both industry professionals and general readers alike.For businesses and individuals seeking press coverage in the innovation space, Lachlan Colquhoun's work with The Australian Business Executive offers a significant platform to showcase their stories and achievements. His commitment to highlighting the most innovative ideas and ventures in the country ensures that his articles are widely read and respected by a diverse audience. With a proven track record of covering groundbreaking developments and emerging trends, Colquhoun is undoubtedly a key figure in the world of innovation journalism in Australia.

The Australian Business Executive

The Australian Business Executive (ABE) is a leading multimedia platform that provides in-depth business insights, news, and analysis to executives and decision-makers across various industries in Australia. With a focus on delivering thought-provoking content, ABE offers a holistic approach to business education through its digital magazine, website, video interviews, and social media channels.

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