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Kathleen Skene

Kathleen Skene is an energy journalist based in Australia who has made a significant impact in the field of energy reporting. She is currently associated with The Gold Coast Bulletin, a well-known Australian news platform. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Kathleen has been able to provide her readers with insightful articles and news stories that cover various aspects of the energy sector. Her work has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around energy-related issues in Australia and beyond.



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More About Kathleen Skene

As an energy journalist, Kathleen Skene has developed a keen interest in writing about renewable energy, sustainability, and the transition to a low-carbon economy. She is particularly adept at analyzing the latest trends, policies, and technologies that are driving the energy landscape in Australia. Her writing not only focuses on the technical aspects of the energy sector but also delves into the social, economic, and environmental implications of various energy projects and initiatives.For anyone looking to get press coverage in the energy category, Kathleen Skene's work at The Gold Coast Bulletin is an excellent resource. Her in-depth understanding of the energy industry and her ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner make her an invaluable asset in the realm of energy journalism. By following her work, readers can stay informed about the latest developments in the Australian energy sector and gain valuable insights into the future of energy and sustainability.

The Gold Coast Bulletin

The Gold Coast Bulletin is a daily newspaper serving the Gold Coast region of Queensland, Australia. It covers a range of topics including local news, politics, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle. The paper also provides up-to-date coverage of national and international news, as well as extensive coverage of the Gold Coast's events, attractions and activities. It is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive news sources for the Gold Coast region.

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