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Katharine Murphy

Katharine Murphy is a energy journalist based in Australia who writes for The Guardian Australia. With a keen interest in the energy sector, she extensively covers topics such as renewable energy, climate change, and energy policy. Her in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting have made her a go-to source for readers seeking the latest news and insights on energy-related issues in Australia and beyond.



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More About Katharine Murphy

In her role at The Guardian Australia, Katharine Murphy has developed a reputation for her ability to break down complex energy topics into easily understandable content. Her writing interests include exploring the intersection of energy, politics, and the environment, as well as examining the impact of government policies on the energy sector. Her expertise in these areas has led to numerous exclusive stories and thought-provoking articles that are widely read and shared by energy enthusiasts and professionals alike.As one of Australia's leading energy journalists, Katharine Murphy's work has proven to be an invaluable resource for those looking to gain press coverage in the energy sector. Her commitment to accurate and insightful reporting, combined with her extensive knowledge of the industry, makes her an influential voice in the world of energy journalism. By engaging with her work, readers can stay informed on the latest developments in the energy sector and better understand the factors shaping this rapidly evolving industry.

The Guardian Australia

The Guardian Australia is an independent, digital-first news organisation based in Sydney. It covers local, national and international news and provides commentary and analysis on news and events. The Guardian Australia's mission is to produce fearless, independent journalism to inform, educate and inspire readers around the world.

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