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Justin Gilligan

Justin Gilligan is a science journalist based in Australia, who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights on various scientific topics with a wide audience. He is currently working for Australian Geographic, a well-known publication that focuses on the natural history, culture, and wildlife of Australia. With a strong background in science and a keen interest in exploring the intricacies of the natural world, Justin has developed a unique voice in the realm of science journalism, making him an ideal candidate for those seeking press coverage in this category.



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More About Justin Gilligan

As a science journalist, Justin Gilligan covers a diverse range of topics, including marine biology, conservation, ecology, and wildlife. His writing often delves deep into the fascinating world of Australia's unique ecosystems, providing readers with a captivating and informative perspective on the country's rich biodiversity. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, Justin's work is a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about the latest scientific discoveries and developments in Australia.In addition to his work with Australian Geographic, Justin Gilligan has also contributed to various other publications, showcasing his expertise as a science journalist. His engaging writing style and comprehensive understanding of complex scientific concepts make him a sought-after voice in the world of science journalism. For individuals and organizations looking to get press coverage in the science category, partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced science journalist like Justin Gilligan can be an effective way to share their stories and reach a wider audience.

Australian Geographic

Australian Geographic is a leading media company dedicated to celebrating Australia's unique and diverse natural history, geography, and culture. With a strong focus on education and conservation, the company produces a wide range of content, including a bi-monthly magazine, books, documentaries, and digital media, to inspire Australians and international audiences to explore and appreciate the country's natural wonders and rich heritage.

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