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Julie McDonald

Julie McDonald is an experienced charity journalist based in Australia, who is passionate about covering stories related to philanthropy, social impact, and community development. As a writer for The Funding Network Australia, she has been instrumental in bringing attention to various charitable organizations and their efforts, showcasing the impact they have on the lives of those they serve. With a keen interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by non-profits, Julie's work has become a valuable resource for those looking to gain press coverage in the charity sector.



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More About Julie McDonald

In addition to her work with The Funding Network Australia, Julie McDonald actively engages with the charity community through her LinkedIn profile, where she shares updates on her latest articles, connects with fellow charity journalists, and participates in discussions related to the non-profit sector. Her writing interests include exploring innovative fundraising strategies, highlighting the achievements of grassroots organizations, and examining the role of technology in enhancing charitable giving and impact measurement.Julie McDonald's expertise in charity journalism, combined with her deep understanding of the Australian non-profit landscape, makes her an ideal source for organizations seeking to raise awareness about their work and impact. By engaging with her content and connecting with her on LinkedIn, charities can stay informed about the latest trends and discussions in the sector while also increasing their chances of gaining valuable press coverage.

The Funding Network Australia

The Funding Network Australia (TFN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating social change by connecting grassroots non-profit organizations with potential donors and supporters. Through live crowdfunding events and online campaigns, TFN Australia enables non-profits to showcase their work, raise funds, and expand their networks, ultimately fostering a more vibrant and sustainable philanthropic ecosystem in Australia.

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