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Jo Garner

Jo Garner is an experienced charity journalist based in Australia. She is best known for her work with Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine, a leading publication in the nonprofit sector that covers a wide range of topics related to charity, fundraising, and philanthropy. Garner's writing focuses on the latest trends, best practices, and innovative strategies in the world of charitable giving, making her a valuable resource for those seeking press coverage in this category.



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With a keen interest in exploring the various aspects of charity work, Garner's articles often delve into topics such as donor engagement, fundraising campaigns, and the impact of technology on philanthropy. Her insightful and in-depth reporting has helped to shed light on the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations, as well as the creative solutions they employ to overcome these obstacles. Garner's expertise in the field has made her a sought-after voice among charity journalists, and her work is highly regarded by both industry professionals and readers alike.For individuals and organizations looking to gain press coverage in the charity sector, Jo Garner's work with Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine is an excellent starting point. Her extensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with her passion for telling compelling stories, makes her an ideal journalist to engage with when seeking to raise awareness about a cause or campaign. By understanding Garner's writing interests and specialities, those looking to connect with charity journalists can better tailor their pitches and increase their chances of securing valuable coverage in this competitive field.

Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine

Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine (F&P) is a leading publication dedicated to providing news, insights, and resources for the fundraising and philanthropy sector in Australia and New Zealand. With a mission to inform, inspire, and connect professionals in the industry, F&P delivers timely and relevant content through its print and digital platforms, as well as hosting events and providing professional development opportunities.

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