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Jill Duffield

Jill Duffield is an accomplished religion journalist based in the United States, who writes extensively on matters related to faith, spirituality, and religious practices. With a keen interest in exploring the intersection of religion and society, she has been contributing to The Presbyterian Outlook, a well-known publication that covers news, events, and opinions from a Reformed perspective. As a religion journalist, she brings a unique perspective to her writing, providing readers with thoughtful insights and analysis on various religious topics.



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More About Jill Duffield

Duffield's expertise lies in her ability to delve deep into religious issues, exploring their historical and cultural contexts, as well as their impact on contemporary society. Her writing often focuses on the role of faith in public life, the challenges faced by religious communities, and the ways in which religious beliefs and practices shape individual and collective identities. As a result, her work is highly sought after by those looking to gain a better understanding of the complexities of religion and its role in today's world.For anyone seeking press coverage in the realm of religion, Jill Duffield's work is a valuable resource. Her in-depth knowledge of religious issues, combined with her engaging writing style, make her articles both informative and compelling. As a religion journalist, she is well-equipped to provide thoughtful commentary and analysis on a wide range of topics, making her an ideal choice for those looking to engage with a knowledgeable and insightful writer in the field of religion journalism.

The Presbyterian Outlook

The Presbyterian Outlook is an independent, non-profit news organization that provides comprehensive coverage of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and its global missions. Established in 1821, the organization offers a variety of resources, including news articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, and educational materials to help individuals and congregations stay informed and engaged with their faith community.

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