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Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard is a media journalist based in Australia. She has been working for The Mercury (Hobart), a news publication that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment. With a keen interest in the ever-evolving media landscape, Jessica has been able to establish herself as a reliable and informative source for readers looking to stay updated on the latest media trends and developments.



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More About Jessica Howard

As a media journalist, Jessica's writing interests and specialities span across various aspects of the media industry. She is known for her insightful analysis of the impact of emerging technologies on traditional media platforms, as well as her in-depth coverage of the challenges and opportunities faced by media professionals in today's fast-paced digital world. Her articles often highlight the importance of media literacy and the role of journalism in fostering an informed and engaged society.For those seeking press coverage in the media category, Jessica Howard's work at The Mercury (Hobart) offers a valuable platform to reach a wide audience. Her thorough and well-researched articles provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape, making her an ideal journalist to connect with for those looking to share their stories and perspectives in this dynamic field.

The Mercury (Hobart)

The Mercury is a leading daily newspaper in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, providing its readers with the latest news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle content. Established in 1854, the newspaper has a long-standing history of delivering quality journalism and engaging stories to the local community, while also reaching a broader audience through its digital platforms.

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