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Felice J. Freyer

Felice J. Freyer is a science journalist based in the United States, currently working for The Boston Globe's Science section. With a keen interest in exploring various scientific topics, Freyer has developed a reputation for her in-depth reporting and engaging writing style. As a result, she has become a go-to source for readers seeking accurate and insightful information on the latest scientific developments and breakthroughs.



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Freyer's writing interests encompass a wide range of scientific fields, including health, medicine, environment, and technology. Her ability to delve into complex subjects and present them in a clear and accessible manner has made her work highly appreciated by both experts and general readers alike. As a science journalist, Freyer is dedicated to providing her audience with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, ensuring that her articles are both informative and thought-provoking.For individuals and organizations looking to get press coverage in the science category, Felice J. Freyer's work with The Boston Globe offers a valuable platform to reach a wide and engaged audience. Her commitment to accurate reporting and her passion for exploring the intricacies of scientific topics make her an ideal journalist to collaborate with, ensuring that your story will be presented with the depth and attention it deserves.

The Boston Globe (Science Section)

The Boston Globe is a leading American daily newspaper that covers local, national, and international news, including a dedicated science section. The science section focuses on the latest scientific discoveries, research, and advancements, providing readers with in-depth articles and analysis on various topics such as technology, health, environment, and space.

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