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Elisabeth Mahase

Elisabeth Mahase is a UK-based health journalist who primarily writes for The BMJ (British Medical Journal), a prestigious and internationally recognized publication in the medical field. As an experienced writer, she focuses on various aspects of health, medicine, and healthcare policy. Her work has been instrumental in providing accurate and up-to-date information to professionals and the general public alike, making her a go-to source for those seeking reliable insights in the health sector.



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With a keen interest in public health, clinical research, and medical ethics, Elisabeth Mahase has developed a strong reputation for her in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of significant health-related issues. Her writing often delves into the intricacies of medical advancements, healthcare systems, and the impact of policy decisions on patient care. As a result, she has become a trusted voice among health journalists, offering valuable perspectives on complex topics.For individuals and organizations looking to gain press coverage in the health category, Elisabeth Mahase's work in The BMJ offers an excellent platform to reach a wide and engaged audience. Her commitment to thorough research and balanced reporting ensures that her articles resonate with both medical professionals and those with a general interest in health. By engaging with her work and understanding her areas of expertise, one can effectively navigate the world of health journalism and potentially secure valuable exposure in this highly competitive field.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal)

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) is a prestigious, peer-reviewed medical journal that provides healthcare professionals with the latest medical research, expert opinions, and clinical guidelines. Founded in 1840, The BMJ is committed to driving better knowledge, better practice, and better healthcare worldwide, offering a wide range of content including original research articles, reviews, editorials, and news.

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