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Doug Lederman

Doug Lederman is a education journalist in the United States, known for his extensive work with The Journal of Higher Education. With a keen focus on higher education, Lederman has made significant contributions to the field through his in-depth reporting and analysis of the latest trends, policies, and developments in the sector. His writing interests span across a wide range of topics, including college accessibility, affordability, academic innovation, and institutional governance, making him a valuable resource for those seeking press coverage in education.



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More About Doug Lederman

As a co-founder and editor of Inside Higher Ed, Lederman has been instrumental in shaping the publication into a leading source of news, opinion, and job listings for education journalists and professionals in higher education. His expertise and deep understanding of the industry have enabled him to consistently produce high-quality content that not only informs but also engages readers in meaningful discussions about the future of higher education. His work has been widely recognized and cited by various media outlets, academic institutions, and policy makers.For individuals and organizations looking to get press coverage in the education sector, Doug Lederman's extensive network and experience in the field make him an ideal candidate to connect with. His commitment to providing accurate, insightful, and relevant information on higher education ensures that any collaboration or engagement with him will result in valuable exposure and visibility in the industry. As one of the leading education journalists in the United States, Lederman's work continues to shape and influence the discourse on higher education.

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education is a leading academic publication that focuses on research, theory, and practice in higher education. Established in 1930, the journal is committed to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed articles that contribute to the understanding and improvement of higher education as a field of study. The Journal of Higher Education is published by the Ohio State University Press and is recognized for its rigorous standards and wide-ranging coverage of topics related to higher education.

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