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Doug Gimesy

Doug Gimesy is a photography journalist based in Australia who has a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world. As a contributor to the Australian Wildlife Magazine, Doug's work primarily focuses on the diverse and unique wildlife found throughout the country. His keen eye for detail and ability to tell a story through his images has made him a sought-after name in the field of photography journalism.



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More About Doug Gimesy

With a strong background in environmental conservation, Doug Gimesy brings a unique perspective to his work as a photography journalist. His writing and photography often emphasize the importance of preserving Australia's rich biodiversity and raising awareness about the challenges faced by its native species. This combination of visual storytelling and environmental advocacy has made Doug's work both engaging and informative for readers interested in the intersection of photography and conservation.For those looking to get press coverage in the realm of photography journalism, Doug Gimesy's expertise in wildlife photography and his commitment to conservation make him an ideal candidate. His captivating images and compelling stories have the power to inspire audiences and shed light on the wonders of Australia's natural world. By collaborating with Doug, individuals and organizations can gain valuable exposure and contribute to the ongoing conversation about the importance of preserving our planet's precious wildlife.

Australian Wildlife Magazine

Australian Wildlife Magazine is a leading publication dedicated to the conservation and appreciation of Australia's unique wildlife. Through engaging articles, stunning photography, and expert insights, the magazine educates and inspires readers to better understand and protect the diverse ecosystems and species that call Australia home.

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