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David Dick-Agnew

David Dick-Agnew is a architecture journalist based in Canada, with a keen eye for innovative design and a passion for exploring the intersections of architecture, urban planning, and sustainable development. As a writer for Designlines Magazine, David has established himself as a voice in the world of architecture journalism, showcasing the latest trends, projects, and ideas that are shaping the built environment in Canada and beyond.



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With a diverse range of writing interests, David's work covers a broad spectrum of topics within the realm of architecture and design. From residential and commercial projects to public spaces and urban interventions, his insightful articles and interviews provide readers with a deeper understanding of the creative and practical aspects of architecture. Additionally, David has a particular interest in sustainable design, often highlighting projects that incorporate environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies.For anyone seeking press coverage in the architecture and design industry, David Dick-Agnew's expertise and dedication to his craft make him an ideal journalist to connect with. His work at Designlines Magazine offers a valuable platform for showcasing cutting-edge projects and innovative design solutions, while his in-depth knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for architecture ensure that his writing resonates with a wide audience of design enthusiasts, professionals, and industry influencers.

Designlines Magazine

Designlines Magazine is a leading publication in the world of design, showcasing the latest trends, products, and ideas in the industry.

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