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Chris Lambie

Chris Lambie is a military journalist based in Canada, known for his insightful and in-depth reporting on various aspects of the armed forces. As a writer for The Chronicle Herald, one of the leading news sources in the country, Lambie has established himself as a reliable and knowledgeable voice in the field of military journalism. His work not only covers the latest news and developments related to the Canadian Armed Forces, but also delves into the broader context of national security, defense policy, and international relations.



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With a keen interest in understanding the complexities of military operations and the challenges faced by service members, Lambie's writing often sheds light on the human side of the armed forces. He has a talent for capturing the stories of individuals involved in the military, from high-ranking officials to the everyday soldiers who serve their country. This unique perspective allows readers to gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of those who work to protect and defend their nation.For those seeking press coverage in the military sector, Chris Lambie's work at The Chronicle Herald offers a valuable platform to engage with a wide audience interested in military affairs. His expertise and credibility as a military journalist make him a trusted source for accurate and engaging content. By collaborating with Lambie, individuals and organizations can effectively share their stories and perspectives with a readership that values well-researched and thought-provoking journalism on military matters.

The Chronicle Herald

The Chronicle Herald is a leading Canadian daily newspaper based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded in 1874, the publication delivers high-quality news, information, and entertainment content to its readers, both in print and online. With a strong commitment to journalistic integrity and community engagement, The Chronicle Herald has become a trusted source of news for the people of Nova Scotia and beyond.

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