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Branko Miletic

Branko Miletic is a design journalist based in Australia, who has made a significant impact in the field of design journalism. With a keen interest in exploring the latest trends and innovations in the design world, Branko has established himself as a knowledgeable and reliable source for design enthusiasts and professionals alike. As a regular contributor to the Australian Design Review, his articles and insights have helped shape the understanding of design in Australia and beyond.



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With a strong focus on various aspects of design, including architecture, interior design, and product design, Branko Miletic has a knack for uncovering unique stories and perspectives that captivate his readers. His writing style is engaging and informative, making complex design concepts accessible to a wide audience. As a design journalist, Branko's work is characterized by a deep understanding of the industry and a genuine passion for design, which is evident in the quality of his articles and the depth of his research.For those looking to get press coverage in the design category, Branko Miletic is an influential figure whose work has garnered the attention of design enthusiasts and professionals alike. His contributions to the Australian Design Review have made it a go-to source for the latest design news and trends in Australia. By engaging with Branko's work, readers can gain valuable insights into the world of design and stay informed about the latest developments in the industry.

Australian Design Review

Australian Design Review (ADR) is a leading online platform dedicated to showcasing the best of Australian architecture, interior design, and product design. With a commitment to promoting local talent and innovation, ADR provides its audience with the latest news, trends, and projects from the Australian design industry, while also offering a forum for industry professionals to share their insights and expertise.

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