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Beth Mole

Beth Mole is a science journalist based in the United States, currently working for Ars Technica's Science section. With a strong background in scientific research and writing, she has established herself as a leading voice in the field of science journalism. Her work at Ars Technica focuses on a wide range of topics, including public health, infectious diseases, and biomedical research, providing readers with well-researched and insightful articles on the latest scientific developments.



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As a science journalist, Beth Mole is dedicated to ensuring that the public remains informed about the most significant scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Her writing is characterized by its clarity, accuracy, and depth, making complex scientific concepts accessible to a broad audience. By covering a diverse array of subjects, she helps to promote scientific literacy and foster a greater appreciation for the role of science in our everyday lives.For those seeking press coverage in the science category, Beth Mole's work at Ars Technica is an excellent example of the high-quality journalism that can be found within the field. Her commitment to rigorous reporting and engaging storytelling makes her a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest scientific advancements. By following her work and the work of other science journalists, readers can gain a better understanding of the current state of scientific research and its potential impact on society.

Ars Technica (Science Section)

Ars Technica is a premier technology and science publication that provides in-depth news, analysis, and reviews on various topics, including gadgets, software, hardware, and scientific advancements. With its Science Section, the publication offers a dedicated platform for readers to explore the latest scientific discoveries, research breakthroughs, and innovations in various fields, such as space, health, environment, and more.

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