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Ben Potter

Ben Potter is an experienced climate journalist based in Australia. He is currently working for The Australian Financial Review (AFR), one of the country's leading sources for business, finance, and investment news. With a keen focus on climate-related topics, Potter's work is an essential read for those seeking the latest insights and analysis on the ever-evolving landscape of climate change, renewable energy, and sustainable business practices.



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More About Ben Potter

As a climate journalist, Potter has developed a strong reputation for his in-depth reporting and ability to break down complex issues into engaging and accessible content. His writing interests span a wide range of topics, including climate policy, clean technology, carbon markets, and the impact of climate change on various industries. This comprehensive coverage makes him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the global climate crisis.In summary, Ben Potter is a skilled climate journalist with a diverse range of expertise in the field. His work for The Australian Financial Review provides readers with a wealth of knowledge on the most pressing climate-related issues facing businesses and governments today. For those seeking press coverage in the climate category, Potter's articles offer a valuable platform to reach an engaged and informed audience.

The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review is a national business and finance newspaper published by Nine Entertainment Co. The newspaper provides news and analysis on financial markets, international business, politics, economics, and technology. It offers insights on the latest developments in the Australian economy, from the latest stock market news to industry trends, as well as exclusive interviews with top business leaders.

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