Arsh B.

PR Expert at PressContact. Communications and Media Studies graduate. Loves french-pressed coffee, democratic access to PR and football.

Arsh Bhardwaj is a spirited PR Manager at PressContact, where he blends over five years of vibrant public relations and communications expertise with a dash of charisma. A proud alumnus of the Jindal School of Journalism, Arsh holds a degree in Communications and Media Studies, equipping him with the sharp acumen needed to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape.

At PressContact, Arsh is passionate about making media access a breeze for everyone, from startups to seasoned enterprises. He thrives on connecting businesses with the perfect journalists, ensuring that every story isn't just told but resonates deeply and widely.Known for his infectious enthusiasm and a knack for making every conversation count, Arsh believes that the secret sauce to PR success lies in crafting pitches that are not only relevant but downright compelling.

Whether he’s strategizing over coffee or weaving the next success story, he’s always geared towards elevating brand narratives in the most dynamic ways.When he’s not orchestrating media magic, Arsh can be found enjoying a lively debate, exploring new cafes, or sharing his wealth of PR insights on LinkedIn. Dive into Arsh’s world and discover how fun and impactful PR can be!